Vixen and Blush

Renowned as the home of natural-looking Hair Extensions, Vixen & Blush is recognised by press and bloggers alike as London's Leading Hair Extensions Salon.

Vixen & Blush only uses the finest Russian hair. Vixen & Blush is dedicated to creating custom-made Hair Extensions for each client.  Our customised approach sets us apart from all other salons and makes us stand out as true experts in the world of Hair Extensions. 

Vixen & Blush grew rapidly from very humble beginnings for one reason only - Sarah McKenna, the founder, spent the previous 3 years travelling the world and sourcing hair that was better quality than any hair available in the UK.

Russian Hair is the only hair used at Vixen & Blush and since 2012 thousands of kilos of hair have been imported directly into the UK for all of the Vixens out there!!

Sarah wanted to make this quality of hair available widely to clients and make having hair extensions more affordable, so decided to pass on the wholesale cost of hair to the client.

With the combination of the exceptionally high quality of hair used, and the focus on making hair extensions more affordable over the longer term for clients, the word got out and Vixen & Blush kept expanding!

Contact Details:

Phone: 0207 323 1793

Address: 1st Floor (Look for the buzzer) 42 - 44 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 7PY



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