How To Choose The Best Hair Extensions (And Why Ethical Weaves Never Come Cheap)

"For her own hair salon, McKenna wanted to source the highest-quality virgin (unprocessed) hair possible, so went to extreme efforts to visit the places and people who could do so ethically.

Eight years later, she not only fits the most gorgeous, true-to-colour hair extensions in her own salons but distributes the hair to hand-picked specialists as The London Hair Lab.

And still, she’s the only UK customer who works with her single-source Russian supplier. “We have visited every year. Their collection team travels to rural areas to collect donated hair and we know the routes and locations. 

“The hair is paid for and is a vital part of the local economy. Younger people can sell their hair and make money to help their families.”

To choose the best hair extensions as a consumer, McKenna believes the safest bet is always heading to a trained professional with knowledge to share. It’s the reason she has made The London Hair Lab a salon-only extension brand.

In fact, partnered salons need a minimum of three expert stylists offering hair extension services in the salon before she will consider sharing the hair. “These salons invest the time and money in training the staff and also have a critical mass of regular clients, so they properly hone their skills. Doing hair extensions once a month in a village salon is not enough to become proficient.” 

And, as an added bonus, it puts no strain on her ethically-sourced supply.

As well as her Central and Shoreditch-based Vixen & Blush salons, The London Hair Lab’s hair is only fitted by hair prodigies and prestigious salons — Samantha Cusick, Daniel Granger, Hari’s, Hershesons, and Leo Bancroft, to name but a few. 






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