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The London Hair Lab is dedicated to providing the world’s top stylists with the world’s most flawless hair. Our superior blends and highly technical products provide an absolute true-to-life colour match for clients and an unrivalled fitting experience for stylists. Our invite only store provides Hair Extensions Specialists with access to five popular methods,Tape, Weft, I-tip, Flat Tip and Clip In Hair Extensions, while providing the support needed for all of our expert stylists to deliver a seamless and professional service to their discerning clients.

Hair extensions supplier wide colour range, Weft, Flat tip, I tip, Tape, Clip ins

Multi-Tonal Natural Looking Hair Extensions

Our hand blended shades create natural-looking results for your clients, guaranteeing a perfect colour match every time.

This model wears 3 packets of tape hair extensions in 18” length.

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we are honoured to be recognized by top brands in hair & beauty industry across the UK

  • Leo Bancroft

    "The London Hair Lab produce a quality of product like no other. Their passion for the fine details and strict processes, start to finish, is exceptional"

  • Hairdressers Journal

    "The London Hair Lab’s range of multi-tonal shades is carefully designed to allow the hair extensions expert to build dimension” 

  • Megan Murphy

    “London hair lab is my favourite hair extensions brand; I've worked with extensions for over 11 years and LHL are the best quality hair extensions by far."

  • Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

    "The London Hair Lab steps in filling a gap in the market to provide the highest quality hair extensions"

  • Wedding Ideas

    “Hair extension experts The London Hair Lab, who’s salon-quality hair proves to be a saviour for brides-to-be looking for a shortcut to long, luscious locks on their wedding day”

Wholesale hair extensions supplier hair extensions wide colour range

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    We strive to find you a perfect colour match for your first order. We’re here to help by manually matching your requirements with our hair 

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    Get inspired with some London Hair Lab extensions extensions edits to create unique looks

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The London Hair lab are extremely proud to have partnered with some of the most elite salons from around the world. Since 2017, we have supplied the finest hair and provided ongoing support and assistance to salon stylists and their range of clients. Visit our before and after page to see examples of extensions from a range of our partner salons or view our salon showcase page to see in detail how our partner salons have used our extensions.