Discover the secret of invisible

Tape Hair Extensions

Introducing our superior 'Invisible' Tape Hair Extensions,
the proven choice for expert stylists

What to expect

  • Blend & Match

    Our extensions are meticulously crafted to blend effortlessly with your client's natural hair. With 40+ multi-tonal shades, they are built for true-to-life colour matching.

  • Client Comfort

    Soft, rounded edges ensures no traction at the corners on your clients own hair, and a noticeable improvement in comfort.

  • Highly Technical

    Each tape is made from a thin polyurethane membrane that is soft to touch, but does not break down even with extended wear.

  • 100% Cuticle Correct

    The London Hair Lab has sourced human hair for 15 years and has access the world's finest hair through our well-established purchasing network. Careful cold water processing ensures the cuticle is never disrupted.

    Meet your client's highest expectations with our flawless hair.

  • No Shiny Tape

    Root Mimic 'Invisible' Tape Hair as standard. Each tape hair extension is carefully made by hand. Individual hairs are injected into the membrane to create a connection area that looks like the clients own root area.

  • Express Fittings

    For the time-pressed client, our tape extensions promise speed without compromising on quality. Removals are not sticky and clients will notice the lack of residue at their roots during refits.

  • Range & Quality

    We take pride in offering 3 distinct lengths: 14”, 18”, and 22”. Hand-selected for the finest blend

  • Range & Quality

    We take pride in offering 3 distinct lengths: 12”, 18”, and 22”. Hand-selected for the finest blend


  • Hand-injected seamless tape for root mimic effect
  • Crafted from robust polyurethane material for longevity
  • Thoughtfully designed with smaller, rounded edges ensuring optimal safety and comfort.
  • Quick, efficient fittings and removals


what people say about us

  • Tom Smith

    "The service & availability are impeccable. The quality of the hair impresses me every time. I’ve had many comments from diehard extension wearers who have never had such good hair quality before"

  • Stylist Magazine

    "They have developed a range of tape-in extensions, which boast
    an invisible seam so that hair sprouts directly from the root and the otherwise revealing join is undetectable"

  • Joey Lucas

    Stylist at The Salon Luxe Dubai

    "London Hair Lab is the most discreet tape extensions I have ever used and the quality of hair is unmatched"

  • Valerie Patterson

    The consistency of quality, reliability and colour choice meant I never looked further. I’ve been using London hair lab since 2018 my favourite brand of extensions."

  • John Meighan

    "I love using London hair lab. They are the perfect hair extension for anyone with fine hair that wants extra volume almost instantly, and they’re invisible! The quality and colour selection is amazing!"

  • Thoughtful Design

    Hand-injected seamless tape for root mimic effect

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