I Tip Hair Extensions

re-useable and popular safe method

Introducing our best ever memory tips,
re-fit hair easily

What to expect

  • Best Ever Tips

    Each I-tip is made with keratin and then coated a second time to create a compact small 'memory' tip which will hold up for the next refit.

  • Precision and Comfort

    Choose from 3 different sized rings to adjust to hair density. And allow for easier refits.

  • Hand Blended

    Each strand is already a multi-tonal shade: you can see distinct highs and lows in some, and a more subtle dimension in others. To create even more contrast for your clients you can use some classic colour combinations to elevate their look.

  • Cost-Effective

    Pack size starts at just 10 strands

    18" / 45cm

    22" / 56cm

    We offer 2 lengths to stylists to help make your services as cost effective as possible. Helping you remain focussed on client outcomes, not runaway costs..

  • 100% Human Hair

    The London Hair Lab has sourced human hair for 15 years and is able to access the world's finest hair through our purchasing network. Cold water processing ensures the cuticle is never disrupted.

    Meet your client's highest expectations with our flawless hair.

  • Premium Tools

    The London Hair Lab is a brand for stylists, developed by stylists.

    We know how important a good metal clamp is to making your day run smooth.

    We offer a range of tools for fitting I-tip hair that are created with stylist efficiency and comfort at the fore.

  • Range & Quality

    We take pride in offering 3 distinct lengths: 14”, 18”, and 22”. Hand-selected for the finest blend

  • Range & Quality

    The Finest human hair: perfect memory tips in 18" and 22" lengths

  • London Hair Lab Hair Supplier


  • precision Memory Tips for easy refits
  • each strand is mutli-tonal for a guaranteed true-to-life colour match
  • 3 sizes of micro ring to adjust to your clients hair type
  • Quick, efficient fittings and removals, ideal for your most demanding clients.


what people say about us

  • Elle Magazine

    "Renowned for creating natural-looking extensions that are super high quality"

  • Hello Magazine

    "The hair itself – is beautiful. It blends in undetected with my own. For anyone looking to increase their volume and/or length, it's a must-try!"

  • Respect

    "The London Hair Lab, a high-end, high-quality extensions offering. The products are made from the highest-quality hair and available in five popular methods”.

  • Ok Magazine

    "The hair texture felt and looked incredible, was colour-matched to perfection and added a level of volume and a healthy sheen that never was thought possible before."

  • London Hair Lab
  • Micro Rings
  • Multi tonal extensions
  • Fitting I Tips
  • Best Ever Tips

    Each I-tip is made with keratin and then coated a second time to create a compact small 'memory' tip which will hold up for the next refit.

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