Vixen and Blush Hair Extensions

Vixen and Blush are leading the way in natural hair extensions while having a strong focus on caring for the client's own hair.

At Vixen and Blush, they have the winning combination of high-quality hair from The London Hair Lab and an expert team of specialist hair stylists. The team have a customised approach and are dedicated to creating custom-made hair extensions for each client. It’s this approach that sets them apart and makes them stand out as true experts in hair extensions.

At Vixen and Blush, they offer 4 different hair extensions methods Micro Ring Hair ExtensionsMicro Bond Hair ExtensionsTape In Hair Extensions and Clip In Hair Extensions. So, whether you’re searching for a semi-permanent method or looking for an instant boost to your hair they will have a method to suit you.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro Ring hair extensions are one of the most popular methods at Vixen and Blush as they are safe discreet, and can be refitted many times. Micro Ring Hair Extensions last for 3 months and then can be re-fitted.  Refits are charged at half the original cost of the fitting There is no heat or glue used during the fitting or removal process and each strand of hair is fitted with a ring to enable long lasting results. 

Micro Bond Hair Extensions

Micro Bond hair extensions are suitable for clients with hair that is less dense at the root. They are a safe, versatile, and discreet method that last for 3 months. They are perfect for clients who are looking to add hair in more prominent areas and prefer a more permanent hard-wearing method. Micro Bonds are not re-usable, so refits aren’t possible with this method.  Click Here to read more about this service at Vixen & Blush.

Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are for those clients seeking a semi-permanent method that is affordable, quick and without having to compromise on hair quality. Tape extensions last for 6-8 weeks and then can be refitted, you can easily tailor make your service to suit your budget as during the appointment you have full control of the amount of hair being fitted. Tape extensions are perfect for adding volume to fine her and are fast becoming one of the most popular methods at Vixen and Blush as they are comfortable to wear, quick and easy.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Extensions are a temporary method perfect if you’re looking to add a boost of volume or length in an instant. If you’re looking for a method with low commitment without having to compromise on quality, they are the perfect option. Their Clip In extensions are made using the finest hair from The London Hair Lab so you will be getting the best quality set which will last you for many years. Vixen and Blush were recently featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s article about “Everything you need to know about Clip In Hair Extensions”.

Vixen and Blush Online Shop

If you can’t make it to their central London salon space you can also order hair extensions online and have them delivered straight to your door, fuss free. You can shop from Tape, Weft and Clip In Extensions online, these are the same finest quality extensions that they use in the salon. The team at Vixen and Blush are on hand to help you with any colour matching or queries you have. 

Vixen and Blush Salon Space

You’ll find the Vixen and Blush salon in the quiet green oasis of Rathbone Square just a short stroll from Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. It’s a green residential square which is peaceful and perfect for a little pamper. Their salon has been freshly decorated and is bright, spacious, and airy with large windows that let in lots of natural light. They have put client comfort at the forefront of what they do ensuring you have the best experience whilst achieving your hair goals! With 12 styling chairs the space feels large yet comfortable. The salon benefits from a clean air filtration system and air conditioning.  With hot and cold refreshments and plenty of space to work, read, chat, or relax during your appointment. The team at Vixen and Blush provide a great experience no matter what appointment you have, the team are very attentive to all your needs, and you will feel very well taken care of.

Press & Celebrities  

Vixen and Blush has built an impressive client base within the walls of their salon in Rathbone Square! As the go to spot for hair extensions, Vixen and Blush is loved by many of your favourite influencers and magazines. Having recently featured in Elle Magazines article "Everything You Need To Know About Getting Hair Extensions That Look Epic" and Glamour Magazines’ "Best Places In London To Get Hair Extensions".

Vixen and Blush is a hair extension specialist salon and has a unique success story which was recently covered in Hello Magazine. Having the ability to offer an affordable and customised approach of adding length and volume to client’s hair is what has driven the salon to excel in the hair and beauty industry.

Vixen and Blush has welcomed many brides through their doors and is well loved for helping brides achieve their dream hair for their wedding day. Hair extensions can give you a huge confidence boost and allow you to create more intricate and voluminous hairstyles. At Vixen and Blush, they know how important it is to make brides feels their best and are very proud to be a part of helping clients achieve their dream hair. Cosmopolitan magazine have recently featured Vixen and Blush in their article about “Bridal Hair Prep”

Vixen and Blush is the favourite salon of some of your most loved reality stars from Chloe Burrows and Nicole India Berr to Tik Tok stars like Katie Elizabeth. Vixen and Blush has made a name for themselves on Instagram with their impressive before and after transformation videos and photos. Their signature beachy wave is much requested. Tyla Magazine recently reviewed the salon after seeing all the transformations filling up their Instagram feed and wanting to know more about the salon behind the Rapunzel waves.

Customised Approach

What sets Vixen and Blush apart from other salons is their customised approach to creating custom made hair extensions for each client. Their team of expert stylists have full creative control and instant access to the finest hair which allows them to create bespoke blends for each client. The hair extensions that they fit match the client’s hair flawlessly and they work creatively to create the ultimate blends and true-to-life extensions.


At Vixen and Blush they pass on the wholesale cost of the hair to the client, making it more affordable for long term use. By using the finest quality hair this means clients can re-use the hair multiple times, popular methods such as Micro Ring and Tape extensions allow clients to re-use the same hair for many refits making it more affordable. They also offer Klarna pay in 3 instalments in the salon and online to help you spread the cost of your extensions interest free. 

The Finest Hair

At The London Hair Lab, we only distribute hair to hair extension specialist salons, our products are used by the most skilled and experienced stylists who have a strong passion for this specialist area of hairdressing like the team at Vixen and Blush. Our shades are true-to-life, and the extensions reflect current colour trends. With lots of dimension and rooted shades to ensure the best blending and natural colour matching.

The team at Vixen and Blush will be able to offer all the aftercare and maintenance advice you need to ensure you make the most out of your extensions and take care of your natural hair. From how to style your extensions to the best shampoo and conditioners to use for your hair type, any questions you have about hair extensions, they will have the answer.

The Team 

The team at Vixen and Blush are highly qualified hair stylists who have specialised in hair extensions, they are dedicated to the highest standards of service and care and create amazing transformations with hair extensions every day. All the team have a minimum of 10 years of experience working in full-service salons and they understand the core principles of hair care with curated skills across all types of hairdressing. You can pick your preferred stylists and get to know more about Team Vixen on their website.

Signature Hair Programmes 

Hair health is of the up-most importance at Vixen and Blush. In 2020 they launched a signature service called Grow Your Own which helps clients own hair grow and get healthier whilst wearing hair extensions. Hair thinning can occur due to an easily identifiable reason and therefore can be reversed. Together the stylists at Vixen and Blush work alongside you to create a custom programme to reach your goals of regaining full hair health with the help of extensions.

Free Consultations  

Vixen and Blush offer free consultations in the salon and via Face Time. At the consultation you can have a free test piece fitted of any or all the methods to decide which you like the feel off and to test wearing it before you book your appointment. They can offer same day fittings as The London Hair Lab shares the same space so there is no wait time on ordering hair! During your consultation you will be able to ask the stylists any questions that you have and they will assess your hair to give you the best advice on the type and amount of hair extensions required to achieve the look you want.

Contact information

Vixen and Blush

6 Rathbone Square, London, W1T 1EB

020 7323 1793