Peter Mark

Peter Mark has 71 salons in Ireland, offering the best in hair services. Peter Mark have been at the forefront of style since 1961 shaping the trends of Irish hair. They first opened a salon on Grafton Street in Dublin and have since grown into one of Ireland’s best known hairdressing brands. They are a family run business and have strong core values in everything they do.

Tape Extensions at Peter Mark

We work with Peter Mark to supply them with our tape extensions. We offer over 37 shades in 3 different lengths, 12”,18” and 22”. We have the best blends in a range of rooted, multi tonal and dimensional shades for the stylists to ensure a flawless match.

Our cutting-edge high-tech method is perfect for creating hidden extensions. Each hair is injected into the skin weft of the tape, resulting in a seamless root-mimic effect. Tape extensions are ideal for normal-to-fine density hair types, this technique delivers results in length and volume.

Tape extensions allows Peter Mark to offer a natural looking, easy to maintain method for their clients. The services start with just a few pairs of tape which is a filler service which can add an instant volume boost. For clients wanting to add a lot of length this is possible with their all-out service which can offer both volume and length.

Peter mark offer full head, half head and filler tape services to create natural blends and stunning seamless results. 

Peter Mark is dedicated to creating fabulous hair for their clients and are supported by a world-renowned education system. They push the boundaries and are always evolving with the latest trends.

Peter Mark offers complimentary consultations with a Peter Mark London Hair Lab Specialist.

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Peter Mark have 71 salons across Ireland find out more on their website