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Successfully running for 45 years, HARI’S is a recognised for its commitment to excellence and its contemporary hair services. Hari Salem, founder of HARI’S, came to London when he was just 12 years old, and became a part of the hair scene in 1976 when he opened his very first HARI’S salon.

Known for its relaxing yet atmospheric experience, Hari’s is the perfect London based salon for anyone wanting a good time!

The business is rooted in a deep family history, which core values lie in learning and opportunity. Tassie, daughter of the famous Hari Salem, is continuing her father’s legacy and is now head of education, a pivotal moment for the salon! They are investing a lot into their training school where they guide and nurture individuals from challenged backgrounds to help pave a way for their future in the hair industry. They have a pure and wholesome approach to everything and everyone, making a huge positive difference to all clients and staff alike.

Haris & The London Hair Lab

HARI’s salon has an incredible 5 salons across London, making it easy and accessible.

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5 locations across London