Vixen & Blush Hair Extensions Salon on how to achieve the latest hair styles for 2022!

How Can Hair Extensions help you achieve the following looks?

  Expensive Brunette

Made famous by Beiber, Sofia Richie and Blake Lively this trend comes straight from post-pandemic grown out hair.. Hailey Beiber told Refinery29 that she simply stopped highlighting her hair during lockdown and fully embraced her roots. 

But what makes this trend special?  Expensive Brunette is not just one flat colour applied all over.   Multiple tones of brunette are visible, and so this needs to be achieved by an experienced colourist who can apply a number of different colour formulas to your grown out highlights.  

To further enhance your Expensive Brunette, Vixen and Blush London can add additional hair extensions for an even more multi-tonal result, using The London Hair Lab hair of course!

 Vixen & Blush treated this client below to the ultimate Expensive Brunette, in their London salon

Expensive Brunette by Vixen Blush Hair 2022

70s Blonde


70s blonde hair trend at Vixen Blush London

This trend is our personal fave.  Volume is the name of the game and who best to lead this trend other than Margot Robbie, who showcased the look first on the cover of British Vogue.

The key is a layered cut, and sticking to the distinct gold tones of this retro blonde.  The tone has to be spot on, and Tik Tok is full of advice on nailing the honey gold hues that embody this colour trend. 

Hair Extensions can help some clients achieve this look by adding in extra volume.  Vixen and Blush Hair Extensions offers their simple 10 pairs of Tape service (called 'Boost Plus') which guarantees you are one step closer to looking like Margot Robbie.

Here is their client who opted for Hair Extensions London to nail the 70s Blonde look for 2022 realness!

Vixen and Blush London nails the 70s Blonde hair trend for 2022


Ruffle Waves

Set hair to:  maximum natural.  Unlike the crimping and mermaid wave videos taking over Tik Tok, this 2022 trend requires no heavy lifting!

Long waves made a punchy re-emergence over fashion week and instantly we were awash with images of Zendaya, Kate Hudson and Rihanna with waist length ruffle waves.

So - how can you achieve this look?  Well obviously you do need long hair.  Cue Vixen & Blush Hair Extensions Specialist salon who are used to creating super long hair from nowhere.  The next step is to simply braid your hair when it is still slightly damp and let it dry fully.  Undo the braid and embrace your inner ruffle!

Zendaya Ruffle Waves


 Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs are bang on trend for 2022! So says Tik Tok and so says Matilda Djerf.  

matilda djerf vixen and blush london curtain bangs 2022

But if you get this cut you are committing quite a lot of your hair to that fabulous sweeping fringe, right?  If you're worried about what's left once your stylist cuts in this thick layered fringe, then it may be time to reach for the volume control.  Adding in hair extensions at the sides only, is a really common service requested in London salons who specialise in hair extensions, like Vixen & Blush London.

 Even commitment phobes can jump in feet first, knowing they can regain the volume at the sides by opting for 6 pairs of Tape in Hair Extensions, the starting package at Vixen and Blush hair extensions.  Using The London Hair Lab hair, just 1 packet of hair is added for this super affordable service.

Check out what just 1 packet of hair from The London Hair Lab can achieve!

Curtain Bang Trend by Vixen Blush Hair


 Liquid Hair 

With decades of hair trends in her wake, JLo has been making her mark with this super sleek hairstyle for 2022.

JLo Liquid Hair London Vixen and Blush

What does Liquid Hair mean?  The look is obviously super sleek, but with one more addition, that shine.  This can be most easily achieved with a Keratin treatment such as Nanokeratin.  A repairing and nourishing treatment for all hair types and one that will help you achieve this covetable look this year.

Vixen & Blush London is committed to caring for clients' own hair and now offers hair treatments alongside its range of hair extensions.

Here is a Vixen & Blush client after a Nanokeratin treatment

Liquid Hair 2022 by Vixen and Blush Hair Extensions


Icy Red Tone Hair Trend

We usually see warm copper tones in Autumn but Sydney Sweeney is making her mark with a new red hair trend.  The Icy Red Tone Hair Trend is big for Spring 2022.  They key difference is the higher level of lift and the violet undertones making this more suitable for our brighter Spring/Summer season.

Vixen Blush hair london red


Using a red toner with violet undertones on a level 9 lift can easily achieve this edgy look.

But good quality healthy ends are key, to avoid patchy colour where the bright toner takes differently from root to tip.  Hair Extensions can really help achieve a consistent result as they take the vibrant toner evenly,

At Vixen & Blush Hair Extensions London, they custom colour your vibrant reds and make those hair goals a reality.

red hair vixen blush extensions london



 Mushroom Brown Hair Colour Trend

Another Haliey Beiber Trend for 2022! This Mushroom Brown hair colour is everywhere! 

Mushroom Brown Hair Extensions at Vixen & Blush London

If you want to commit to this then remember to book in with a great hair colourist who can lighten your own hair to the right level, before selecting the perfect ashy mid tone gloss.  Your hair should be lifted to a base 9 only and then toned down to a level 8 with a perfect trend-nailing steely ash undertone.

Vixen & Blush knows how to work with colour trends and has all the hair in stock and ready for you!

 Check out what they did for this client who wanted the Mushroom Brown Hair for 2022 and just needed more volume with Micro Ring Hair Extensions.


Mushroom Brown Hair at Vixen Blush Hair

Want to find out which team member at Vixen and Blush you should see?

Check out their page introducing you to Sarah McKenna and her team of hair extensions specialists.  

 The London Hair Lab is here to support Team Vixen with all the right hair and products.

Looking to find out more about the different methods used to create the styles featured? Here's a video Vixen and Blush have created to explain how each of the extensions methods work. 



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