Vixen and Blush Hair Extensions

Vixen and Blush Hair Extensions

Vixen and Blush, located in Rathbone Square in central London, is a premier destination for hair extensions.

Situated just minutes away from Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road station, the salon offers a tranquil retreat from the bustle of London.

Vixen and Blush stands out due to its dedicate team who specialise solely in hair extensions. The team provide unparalleled knowledge in hair extensions with a focus on delivering safe, reliable, and natural extensions to their valued clients.

The Story 

Vixen and Blush started as a one chair salon in 2011 and has evolved to the centre of excellence in hair extensions because of their devotion to creating flawless natural results for each client. The team at Vixen and Blush put the client’s comfort and health of their own hair at the forefront of what they do

The Methods

Vixen and Blush has access to the best resources, and offers the highest quality hair from The London Hair Lab. In their central London salon, they offer Micro Rings, Micro Bonds, Tape and Clip In extensions. With a range of permanent, semi-permanent and temporary methods they appeal to clients with diverse needs and preferences. Whether you’re seeking a long-term transformation or a temporary boost for a special event, their extensive selection of techniques ensures there’s an option to suit everyone.

One of the hallmarks of Vixen & Blush extensions is their ability to mimic the look and feel of natural hair. With proper application and maintenance, these extensions seamlessly integrate with your own hair, creating a flawless, undetectable finish. 

Vixen and Blush provide dimensional colour matches and by working with The London Hair Lab achieve impeccable results. This partnership ensures that each client receives a bespoke colour match tailored to their hair shade. By utilising having The London Hair Lab based within the salon, stylist have immediate access to a wide range of shades and methods. This facilitates a seamless appointment for clients as they can expect precise colour matching and a custom blend.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

The Micro Ring method is popular due to its reusability. By refitting the same hair, this method offers a cost-effective solution for long-term hair extensions.

Micro Ring extensions last for up to three months before refitting. This method boasts a heat and glue-free application and removal process. Each strand of hair is fitted into a  small metal ring ensuring secure and long-lasting results, allowing you to enjoy your extensions with confidence and ease.

Find out more about Micro Ring hair extensions and visit the price list.

Micro Bond Hair Extensions

The Micro Bond method is for clients with finer hair textures and who want the most discreet method. This versatile technique can be fitted on hair types where other methods aren’t suitable. Whether seeking to enhance volume or length, the micro bond method provides a seamless and natural solution. 

Find out more about Micro Bond hair extensions and visit the price list

Tape Extensions  

Tape extensions cater to clients who are looking for a quick and easy service whilst having control over their budget. Ideal for those who like a method with less commitment and prefer a method which is flat against the scalp for increased comfort. 

Tape extensions offer a semi-permanent solution, which need re-fitting every 6 to 8 weeks. What sets this method apart is the ability to reuse the same hair multiple times, maximising its affordability. At Vixen & Blush, Tape Hair extensions have quickly gained popularity for their comfort and ease of application and removal in the salon. The tape extensions from The London Hair Lab have an invisible seam, crafted by hand to achieve a root mimic effect. 

Find out more about Tape extensions and visit the price list. 

Clip In Extensions

Clip In extensions are ideal for clients who prefer not to commit to permanent extensions but still want the best quality hair and a seamless colour match.

Clip in extensions provide a temporary method. Hair is attached to snap girls  (clips) and can be easily secured to your own hair. Achieving a perfect colour match is crucial, and it's recommended to have a stylist cut and style them into your own hair to complement your current hairstyle. They're Clip In extensions and made using the same high-quality hair as all other methods. With proper care, your new clip-ins can last for many years, providing you with versatile styling options whenever you desire.

Find out more about Clip In hair extensions and visit the price list.

The Press

Vixen and Blush has been featured by many of your favourite influencers and prominent magazines. With recent features spotlighting their expertise, the salon continues to solidify it’s reputation as the home of natural looking hair extensions. They were recently featured in Times Magazine for a feature review of tape extensions and in Glamour Magazine as one of the top five places in London to get hair extensions.

Salons Direct interviewed founder of Vixen and Blush, Sarah Mckenna to follow her success story and find out where she thinks the industry is heading.

Vixen and Blush have been featured in Elle Magazine and were “Renowned for creating natural looking extensions that are high quality, custom-made to fit you”.

The Team

Vixen and Blush is made up of highly qualified hairdressers with each boasting a minimum of 10 years’ experience in full-service salons. Their core believe is that hair extensions should be handled by a skilled stylist who understand the principles of excellent hair care and have honed their experience across all hairdressing techniques before specialising in extensions.

At Vixen and Blush their sole focus is on hair extensions, that’s the service they offer day in and day out. The team are united in their mission to create natural looking extensions for each client ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.

From choosing the ideal length and shade to selecting the extension type that best suits your lifestyle, the stylists at Vixen ad Blush ensure your new extensions will align with your lifestyle and you have all the aftercare information you need to care for your extensions at home. 

Booking an appointment

Vixen and Blush provide complimentary consultations both in the salon and via FaceTime. During there in salon consultations you can try a test piece. This allows you to determine which method feels most comfortable before booking your appointment. Having The London Hair Lab based in the salon means they can offer same-day fittings, there’s no waiting time for ordering hair! Their experienced stylists will be on hand to answer any questions you have and advise you on the best method, amount and length needed to achieve your desired look.

Shopping Online

If you’re unable to make it to their central London salon, don’t worry! Vixen and Blush offer the convenience of ordering hair extensions online, delivered directly to your doorstep hassle-free. You can browse and purchase Tape in extensions, Weft and Clip Ins. All of which boats the same superior quality as those used in the salon. The Vixen and Blush team are readily available to assist with any colour matching inquiries you may have, ensuring a seamless shopping experience from the comfort of your home.


The Transformations 

Whether you’re looking for cascading waves, enviable volume or simply a subtle boost to your natural look. Vixen and Blush can help achieve your dream hair. With their commitment to quality, customisation, and natural results they’ve quickly become the go-to salon for extensions. If you are in need of a little hair inspiration head over to the Vixen and Blush instagram page where you can see amazing transformations created by Team Vixen and behind the scenes from a busy salon! 




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