About Micro Ring Extensions

About Micro Ring Extensions

Micro Ring Hair Extensions.


Micro Ring hair extensions are suitable for normal to dense hair types. They are not suitable for clients with fine to very fine hair or for those clients who would like to add a lot of extra hair around their face/fringe area.

Wear Time

The wear time for Micro Ring hair extensions is 3 months, you can refit the hair many times depending on your clients chosen amount and length.

Permanent Method

It is a permanent method that is reusable and safe. Both the fitting and removal process are straight forward, comfortable and simple. Micro Rings are an affordable method for your clients as they are ethical as the hair can be re-used multiple times. 


Micro Ring extensions are easy to maintain, there will be no shedding and your clients hair will stay voluminous. Your clients will be able to style and wash their hair as they did before. The Micro Ring method doesn't use any glue or heat, if your client has any reservations about the method this will put their minds at ease. 

Micro Rings

At The London Hair Lab we manufacture our own Micro Rings that are smaller, safer and do not shed their colour. This allows you to create discreet, natural looking hair extensions in your salon. When applying micro rings, they flatten completely so the connection is discreet and comfortable. We stock different colours and sizes so that you can customise what you use from client to client depending on the density of their own hair. This gives you extra control over what you fit and results in natural looking hair extension. You can find our Micro Rings in the tools section of the website. They are available in Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Black.

Our Micro Ring method is applied with a small copper ring, it is advised that you make your clients aware of our warning label attached to the product. They will not be suitable in cases of known or suspected prior skin reaction to metals. Further to this we advise that you perform a patch test on all clients before fittings. 

At The London Hair we source the finest hair for salon professional use only. We carefully blend multi tonal shades to offer a more realistic true to life colour match for your clients.

To see our full colour range in Micro Rings click here.



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