Micro Rings

Micro ring hair extensions are a very popular method as they are reusable and very safe, making both the fitting and removal process straight forward, comfortable and simple for your clients. The hair extensions last 3 months and can be re-fitted. Micro rings are affordable and ethical as the hair can be re-used multiple times.

At The London Hair Lab we manufacture our own Micro Rings that are smaller, safer and do not shed their colour. This allows you to create discreet, natural looking hair extensions in your salon. When applying micro rings, they flatten completely so the connection is discreet and comfortable. We stock different colours and sizes so that you can customise what you use from client to client depending on the density of their own hair. This gives you extra control over what you fit and results in natural looking hair extension.

The Micro ring method has become very popular in salons as no glue or heat is used. If a client has any reservations about hair extension’s this will put their mind at ease. There will be no shedding with micro rings and the hair stays as voluminous over the months as it was when it was first fitted. They are easy to maintain, and your clients will have no problem styling and washing their hair as they did before.

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