Why this popular method will make your clients happy and your business busy!

'Invisible' Tape Hair

Discreet “Invisible” Hair Extensions

Did you know each tape is actually handmade? This amazing, high-tech method creates the ultimate hidden extensions. Each hair is injected into the skin weft of the tape (a polyurethane membrane) to produce a root-mimic effect. Suitable for hair types that are normal-to-fine density, to create luscious results of volume and style!

Amazing Quality and the Best Blends

Bundles of the world’s most luxurious Russian virgin hair is imported directly to our Lab in London where we hand blend shades to create the most natural combinations to give your clients the colour match possible. Our tape extensions are double drawn and 17” in length.

Express Fittings

Tape extensions can be applied in as little as 15 minutes for a slight boost (e.g. filling out the sides) or approximately 60 minutes for a full head application (20 pairs). You can ask your clients to arrive with clean and straight hair, using no conditioner on the roots so you can apply as soon as they walk in to the salon! The ability to offer a lunch break service for the busy professional, or a express service for a glam mum on-the-move will enhance your clientele and efficiency in the salon!

Safe and non-damaging

With each tape weighing 2.5 grams, our tape extensions are light-weight and safe for all hair types, even the ultra-fine. Tape extensions are best worn for 6-8 weeks, and removed with our gel based remover for a non-damaging and non-sticky removal.


Cost Effective & re-usable

As the tape extensions can be applied in 15-60 minutes, the applications costs are much lower than other methods of extensions that can take 3-4 hours to apply thus passing on the saving to the client!

Tape extensions are re-usable many times providing that the client doesn’t change their hair colour. Confirming your client has a colour that is stable, and they are happy with will ensure they are getting the best value and longevity from the extensions.


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