Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro Ring Hair Extensions
Micro Ring Hair Extensions

One of the most popular methods of hair extensions on the market, and for good reason. Our go-to method for creating stunning transformations. A stand-by-strand application method without the need for heat or glue. 

The key to a successful application is having the correct techniques from the very beginning. Along side our in-salon training, we can offer training online and via vlog.  

Mastering the Technique 
  • Section out of the way the sides and crown. Then take around two fingers width section from the bottom. This Is your base row. 

  • Starting from the centre of the head you will form a section using your fingers to create a U or V like shape. The size of the section depends on the client’s own hair density. You are looking to capture a consistent amount of hair inside the ring. Clients with less dense hair will have larger sized sections and clients with more dense hair will have smaller sized sections (but both will have a similar number of hairs captured inside the ring.
  • Using your thumb and two forefingers that are underneath the section roll together to create a twist.

  • Using your looper/hook slide the ring onto your section. Keep your section nice and close to the root to stop you from picking up any unwanted hairs. Also keep your section nice and taught.

  • Keeping your section nice and taught by using your forefingers, placed just under the ring. The top of the ring should line up with the bottom of the hair section.  With your other hand push the tip of the extension through the ring so it lines up. The top of the tip and the top of the ring should be flush.  Clamp flat using the middle part of your clamp to secure.

  • The extension should be sitting nice and flat with a small amount of wiggle room for comfort.

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