How to make the perfect Bond

How to make the perfect Bond
Flat Tip Hair 

The key to a successful application is having the correct techniques from the very beginning. Along side our in-salon training, we can offer training online and via vlog.  

How to make the perfect bond

  • Section out of the way the sides and crown. Then take around two fingers width section from the bottom. This Is your base row. 

    Starting from the centre of the head you will form a section using your fingers or a clip create a rectangle shape. If your client’s hair is less dense then you will need to go slightly deeper with your section.

  • Once you have achieved your desired section place a metal clip underneath to isolate the rest of the hair. You are now ready to apply your micro bond. Place the flat tip of the extension underneath the client’s own hair. This should be about a finger width away from the root.

  • Once in place use your London Hair Lab heat tool to bond the tip onto the hair. Hold down for 1-2 seconds until you see the tip breakdown slightly then immediately roll using your fingers to form a nice compact sealed bond.  

  • The quicker you roll the better and more compact the bond will be.

  • The extension should sit nice and flat and should look like the picture below.  For an even smaller bond, great for around the hairline, ears and front. You can cut your flat tip in half and take a slightly less deep section.
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